Did That Baby Just Move? Over One Million Combined Views!!

When Mike checked his trail cameras on May 9th, he was in for a surprise that was gonna take the internet by storm.  When he got through the thousands of pictures and videos that his cameras capture on a daily basis, he came across a couple pictures and videos of this doe with a full term fawn inside that was not willing to stay inside her much longer.  At the time of posting this, the original video he posted was seen almost 900,000 times.  It is not that often we get to see something as special as a baby fawn moving around inside her while she tries to get into a comfortable position to eat.  His video "Baby Moving 1" has over 880K views and the video "Baby Moving 2" had over 150,000 views and 1,000 shares on our Facebook page.  Mike's passion for wildlife is not limited to trail cams as he is a very talented photographer.  Below are the two videos that went viral and below that are a few fawn pictures he captured in the days and weeks after this video was captured.

Mike used the 2016 RECRUIT to capture the video.  You can find more info on all of our cameras HERE   Follow us on Facebook HERE