Bergunwald - "Off In The Mountains"

We want to first say that it is overwhelming with regards to the amount of inquiries, requests for sponsorship, free product and samples that we receive on a daily basis.  If we have to hear one more time that "we will have a show airing" or "by being on <INSERT NETWORK> we are in 40+ million homes" our heads may just explode.  The last line is actually one that almost certainly gets your email put in the big stack.  We have a Facebook page, yet we cannot claim the billion plus users.  We have a website and cannot claim the billion plus users.  So why do you insist to claim that the subscribers to Dish are your audience.  If you really want to know how we, as a camera company, find talent.  This is how we do it.  This is a perfect example of a woman running a competitors brand of cameras that caught our attention.  Normally, we do require people be using our cameras for us to check out their work, but she was an exception to the rule for good reasons.

It was a year ago when we first came across Katherine's Instagram page @bergunwald. We were immediately drawn in by some of her amazing photographs featuring mountain lions, mule deer, foxes and other animals that frequent the back trails of the Pacific Coast in California.  Whether she was trekking through Europe, her home state of California or just working on her garden, you can see the passion she has for the outdoors and nature.  It is not that often that you come across a casual trail cam user that puts in as much effort as she does.  Not only maintaining her access, but keeping up with her countless cameras.  If you take a moment to look at her Instagram account, you will see what great lengths she goes to in order to capture some of the most astonishing images that I have seen on a trail camera. Katherine has been mainly using Reconyx trail cameras and seemed to like them very much so I was hopeful to get a few cameras in her hands to see how ours would stack up to them.  We reached out to her this year and were able to

get four cameras out to her so she could put them to the test.  Almost immediately she started to produce some amazing images on the cameras and let us know how she felt about the cameras.  She was kind enough to ask us if she wanted to separate the posting of our images and Reconyx images on similar sets, but we wanted the challenge.  Going up against the best in the business is important as you have to beat the best if you want to become the best.  Watching the images that she produces is what every camera company dreams of as she brings out the best of what your camera can produce.  Below you can see a handful of recent captures she has shared with us over the last month from her cameras.  If you get a chance, give her Instagram a follow and see her amazing work!  We are very thankful and grateful for the hard work she puts in to capture these amazing images and video.

Katherine captured these images and videos on the 2016 RECRUIT and it can be purchased by clicking HERE

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