Changing the trail cam industry one picture at a time.  Why should you settle for anything less than DSLR quality images from your trail camera? 


Video Credit:  Mike Persichini (Michigan)


Daytime Images

To get a great daytime image, you need to pair the best lens, sensor, shutter, glass and IQ.  Without taking the time to pair these up you are just left with just another image instead of a great shot.  Do not settle for less than DSLR quality in your next trail camera.


Transition Images

Transition shots are a very common image to get from a trail camera as that is when deer are most active.  You should not have to settle for poor transition shots or a prolonged transition period due to an improper aperture.


Night Images

The days of grainy black flash images are over and you should no longer have to squint to see what is out at night.  Why can't you have an invisible flash that still looks amazing.  Now you can with our patent pending black flash technology.